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Main technical description of GLR10 emulsion bitumen equipment

ZMLR6000 emulsified asphalt equipment is to produce modified or normal emulsified asphalt.

Because of its simple structure and easy operation, it's widely used in the production of all kinds

of emulsified asphalt with the output of 6 tons per hour.

It is composed of a 5-cubic base asphalt tank, two 2.45-cubic emulsion preparation tanks, a 2.25-cubic finished product buffer tank, frequency control base asphalt pumps, frequency control emulsion

pumps, emulsification machines, finished product rear pumps, electric control cabinets, filters, valves,

and pipe sections.

I. Operating Principles

Figure 1. Equipment Schematic Diagram

The operating principles of the equipment are as follows: when the high-temperature asphalt

and the emulsifier solution are pumped into the cavity of the high speed emulsion machine,

they will be sheared for hundreds of thousands times within a short time. The high-temperature

asphalt is broken into small particles, which will be surrounded by the emulsifier molecules to

form oil-in-water finished emulsified asphalt.

Figure 2. Emulsion Machine Functional Diagram

Figure 2 is an emulsion machine functional diagram. The machine is equipped with dual mesh

stator and rotor driven by motors at high speed. When the asphalt and the emulsifier solution are

pumped into the cavity of the high speed emulsion machine, it will be sheared for hundreds of

thousands times within a short time. The staff will undergo comprehensive effects, including the

strong mechanical and hydraulic shear, the centrifugal extrusion, the liquid layer friction, the high-

speed strike and tearing, in the delicate clearance of rotors and stators. Therefore, that they are

dispersed, sheared and emulsified. The scope of particle dispersion also significantly narrows,

which favors the storage and application of emulsified asphalt.

II.Composition of Each Unit

According to the principles of ZMLR6000 emulsified asphalt equipment, we can divide the emulsified

asphalt equipment into four parts:

a) Emulsion preparation unit;

b) Base asphalt unit;

c) Finished emulsified asphalt delivery unit;

d) Electrical control unit and other attachments.

配制罐1 Preparation tank 1

配制罐2 Preparation tank 2

乳化机 Emulsion machine

成品缓存罐 Finished product buffer tank

基质沥青泵 Base asphalt pump

乳化液供给泵 Emulsion feed pump

乳化液排出口 Discharge outlet of emulsion

通储存罐或运输车 Connected to storage tank or transport vehicles

Figure 3. Structural Drawing of Equipment Units (Vertical View)

1. Emulsion preparation unit

The emulsifier solution unit mainly has two major tasks, namely, preparation and transfer, including

water adding module, emulsifier adding module, emulsifier solution preparation module and

emulsifier solution transfer module and so on.

The water adding module mainly includes the parts of feed pumps, heating pipes of the heat

conduction oil and related pipe valves.

Temperature control is fed back mainly through the bimetal thermometer of preparation tank to

control the switch of heat conduction oil in the preparation tank so as to heat the water to the

temperature set

by the user.

The addition of emulsifier is through manual measurement and manual addition. When the water

temperature is appropriate in the preparation tank, emulsifier is added to fully mix with an mixer and

completely dissolved into the water. The mixing time is manually controlled by users.

The preparation module of emulsifier solution includes preparation tanks, mixers and related

pipelines and so on.

The emulsifier solution transfer module includes filter, emulsion pump and check valves and so on.

2. Base asphalt unit

The base asphalt unit includes base asphalt preparation module and base asphalt transfer module.

The asphalt preparation module includes base asphalt tank, heating system and its control module

andso on.

The base asphalt transfer module includes transfer pump, manual T-joint valve, heating pipes and so on.

3. Finished emulsified asphalt delivery unit;

Asphalt emulsion unit includes emulsion machine, finished product storage tank and product transfer

pump and so on.

4. Electrical control unit and other attachments

The electric control system is manually controlled. It can adjust the speed of asphalt pumps and

emulsion pumps through the frequency converter to control the base asphalt and emulsion flow, thereby

to ensure that the finished product emulsified asphalt reaches the specified water-oil ratio.

1PLC 2Colloid mill 3Emulsion pump 4Heating oil Valve

Preparation tank Finished product buffer tank

Tank installation Asphalt pump

ZMLR6000 has several features:

1. It can solve the problem of ratio of oil and water. It adopts two frequency control motors to

drive the gear pump, with the advantages of intuitive and simple operation, low fault rate, long


life and so on.

2. Preparation and transfer system of the emulsifier solution--tans, pipelines and pump valves

are all made of 304 stainless steel of high quality, with high temperature resistance and strong

corrosion resistance in the case of non - chlorine atoms.

3. Preparation tanks, buffer tanks and base asphalt tanks are all made of Aluminum silicate

thermal insulation materials for heat insulation , which have good thermal insulation property;

besides, they have buried heat pipe within it. The heating effect is ideal. They are covered with

stainless steel and are beautiful in appearance.

4. The emulsification machine adopts the modified emulsification machine, and meanwhile, with

the capacity to produce modified emulsion asphalt and ordinary emulsified asphalt, giving it a

dual – purpose function.

5. Base asphalt pumps and emulsion transfer pumps adopt frequency converters for speed

regulation. In comparison to motor speed regulation in the past, the operation is more


6. All pump valves adopt quality products of famous manufacturers. The control system is

researched and developed by our engineers with many years of experience in design and

development. They are stable in performance and reliable in quality.

7. Products are designed to ones of integral movable type, adopting international advanced

design concept, which can provide customers with more convenient operation procedures.

Main Technical Parameter Of ZMLR6000 Emulsified Bitumen Equipment

I. Model name: ZMLR6000 emulsified asphalt equipment

II.Structures: Semi - Mobile modular structure

Length x width x height 7000mm×2200mm×2300mm

III.Technical parameters

Maximum productivity of emulsified asphalt: 6 T/h (Asphalt content 50%, and 50% of the water solution)

Total power: 44.1kw

IV.Corresponding configuration

Systematic name




Overall Dimensions




Emulsification Unit

Modified emulsified machine



Asphalt Unit

Matrix asphalt pump




Matrix asphalt tank

5 M3


Emulsion preparation unit

Emulsion Pump




Emulsion Preparation Tank

2.45 M3


Preparation Can Agitator




Water inlet unit

Emulsion water inlet pump

12.5 M3/h



Finished Product Output Unit

finished product delivery pump




Finished Product Buffer Tank

2.25 M3

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